Hopefully everyone has had a nice Summer so far. 

A Busy Time as well as, Anxious feelings for many families experiencing young children going into Junior and/or Senior Kindergarten, older kids into Highschool and/or College or University. 

            Big adjustment for everyone involved.

Do not forget the family’s dog and cat.  They are going to miss their playmates as well for all the attention they may have gotten during the Summer months.

CHICK DAYS          

There are no more Delivery Dates to

      McBrayne Feed & Supply  after September 6, 2023.

If you decide you want more chicks, you will have to contact Bonnie’s Chick Hatchery and then make a trip to Elmira to pick them up.  There is no mailing option.

Contact # is  519-669-2561


Next year’s Chick Days will not start until the end of February 2024 which is the time we begin to take orders.

If I have your email, notices of Chick Days will be sent out.  But, if you don’t receive an email or a mailed notice, come to the office and we can give you a 2024 Chick Package.



An Agronomist has told us that Fall is a good time to fertilize the lawn with 6-24-24. By keeping the nitrogen low, helps prevent the top growth from growing too quickly. 

The middle and last number is good for strengthening the roots.   

Too high of nitrogen causes the plant to work harder and in turn the roots soften.  Grubs like soft roots.

         In Stock    6-24-24,     10,10,10,     16,16,16

                          Slow release Urea – 21, 6,12



They claim mid August into September is a good time to seed or re-seed your lawns. Reason for this time is the days might not be as hot and the evenings are cooler with dew by morning but with the pattern we have had this Summer who knows what kind of weather we will have.


It will not be too long before you will be needing warmer clothing, especially if you are working in the early morning and late evening. In stock we have: Long-Sleeved Unlined Coveralls in Navy or Tan Colour. In Sizes: Regular, Short and Tall.


Royer is the brand we have in stock for Work Shoes.

We have Style 3320 (Low Top)

              Style 8420 (Low Top)

               Style 8640 (High top)                               

  Style 5631 (Low Top – Pull on)

     (Style 5631 -  New in stock for McBrayne’s since 2022.)

  • All shoes are CSA with no metal but a composite is used instead.

If you have not had them before, you may have to try a size larger to make it a comfortable fit.  According to the Sales Representative, it may be the composite plating in the toe and shank that are a little thicker than metal.

  • We have had many good comments about the boots.

             Come into the store and try them on.


Bird Feed

Lots of people enjoy watching, admiring their colours as well as feeding them when they come to their yard and feeders.

It is comical to watch how birds react to one another.  Their personalities definitely vary between species.

In Stock we have:

McBrayne’s 50 lb bag

                    25 lb Premium bird feed

50 lb Dark Oil Sunflower,     50 lb Stripe Sunflower

4.5 Nyger            25 Nyger   Pickout Peanuts

20 lb Peanuts in the shell      50 lb Safflower



(Birds that like Safflower)

Black Capped Chickadee’s     Black Headed Grosbeaks,

Carolina Chickadees,    Downy Woodpeckers

Evening Grosbeaks,      House Finches

Indigo Buntings            Mourning Doves

Northern Cardinals       Purple finches

Red bellied Woodpeckers   Rose Breasted Grosbeaks

Tufted Titmice              White Breasted Nuthatches.

Blue Jays

Also the Pigeon Flyers love to feed Safflower.

One very common reason people love to feed safflower, is that Grackles, Starlings and most of all Squirrels do not like Safflower.


With some crops starting to be harvested, the rodents have likely already started looking for a new, safe place to live.  It only will increase as more crops continue to be harvested between now and December.

Be sure you have your Pesticide Licence updated in our computer system if you are-in-need of rodent bait to take control of the issue before it becomes detrimental to equipment and buildings on the farm.


Hello Everyone, its hard to believe it is September already!

Corn silage harvest is fast approaching. Now is the time to check your harvest equipment to ensure that optimal kernel processing & proper cut length can be achieved:

  • at the cornhead, make sure knives are in good condition & sharp enough to make it through harvest
  • check that the scrapers, crop guides & feed rolls are correctly adjusted & in good working condition, any worn parts should be replaced
  • check that the shear bar is square
  • ensure kernel processor gap setting is even & accurate before & during use
  • during use do a daily inspection of cutterhead knives for damage due to rocks & sharpness

And of course, stay safe on the roads around large harvest equipment driving slowly.

Bitesize Petfood

As a reminder from last month’s newsletter, Bitesize Dog Food will no longer be made.  It has been in the Shur Gain line of dog food for many years.

Shur Gain has launched Prestige Dog Food 18 kg in its place.  It is branded under the Nutri-choice Advantage family.  It comes with a great upgrade to the formulation and improved pricing.  Eventually you will see the new Bitesize bag in our store.

  • Canadian Source
  • Ideal combination of balanced nutrition and economical price
  • Complete ration for adult dogs
  • Reliable taste and guaranteed palatability.



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