McBrayne's Is The Area's Leading Supplier of Animal Feeds

Did you know that McBrayne's offers Delivery?!

We love to see you in the store, however, not everyone wants to make the special trip in from the barn. Some customers we see weekly, others we see several times in a week, and thats where our farm drop deliveries can come in handy!
If you have a need for more bags than you care to put in your new car, or rusty old truck for that matter, we offer bi-weekly farm drop deliveries. Place your order on Monday before noon, we pack it Tuesday, and deliver it Wednesday. Should there be a holiday or something else that pops up, we will deliver on Thursday, but we make every effort to have deliveries done Wednesday. Our rate for farm dropped bags is $45 minimum. If you are ordering more than a tonne, its $45/tonne.
We do expect someone to be available to pick off the load with forks and we will call when leaving the yard, or prior stop, to give you a heads up. Our schedule is broken into 2 Zones- Chatham Kent & Lambton.

Our feed delivery truck and our experienced driver/operators is your assurance of quality service and products each and every delivery. Count on it.

We also offer bulk feed and grain deliveries. We currently deliver bulk Soya Meal, Cracked corn, Whole corn, and Layer Mash with our auger truck. For any medicated feeds or supplements we place the order through Trouw Nutrition (ShurGain) in St. Marys and deliveries are made on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays*. 

*Saturday deliveries are not common and only when absolutely needed